What I can offer

During pregnancy I will be a source of encouragement and reassurance and will also provide evidence based information on all things pregnancy and birth related.

During labour and delivery, I am a source of continuous care for Mum, providing various comfort and pain relief measures such as;

  • relaxation and breathing techniques

  • visualization 

  • massage

  • acupressure

  • counter-pressure

  • Use of tens, CUB stool, peanut and birth ball

  • rebozo use

  • double hip squeeze 

Mum’s partner and I work together as a team and while I am primarily there for Mum, I also provide support for the primary birth partner in what can sometimes be an overwhelming time for them.  

After birth, I can take a step back or help Mum begin the breastfeeding process if she chooses to breastfeed and encourage bonding between the new baby and family.